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EiderDowns / Down Duvets

The best quality feathers and down come from geese and ducks, as they have outstanding protective heat-regulating properties. The structure of the feathers and down creates air cells with an insulating effect, producing “clothing for all seasons” that adapts easily and naturally to a wide range of temperatures.

Duvets protect against both cold and heat. The characteristics of a good duvet are lightness, softness and good “filling-power”.

It controls the temperature and absorbs any humidity released during the night, giving well being and comfort.

Hammerfest’s duvets are hand made in different weights, and they adapt to all climates and seasons. Thanks to possibility of changing the duvet cover, you can change the look of your bedroom quickly and simply.

The comfort of your duvet stays with you all year round.

Our two duvet lines:

Iglù down line

Quilted checked down jacket available in various qualities of padding, in different fabrics, in different sizes and models.

Artic down line

The particular “coffered” construction allows a homogeneous distribution of the padding.

With this minimum thickness of cm. 3 near the seams, any heat loss is completely eliminated.

Re Generation Line Duvets

The regeneration process is based on traceability and ensures a social and environmental responsible management.

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