Hotel Quality Duvets and Pillows, Quilts, Bed Linens for Hotels and B&B

We produce High Quality Hotel Bedding also tailor-made to fit any bed.
Our best Hotel Quality Duvets filled with down or fiber, Luxurious Pillows, fine Italian Bed linens and winter and summer Quilts are create for Hotel up to 5 stars with certification to ensure high comfort.
We are available to best accommodate your needs and requests.

They chose Hammerfest

Hotel Bedding Supplier – Made in Italy

Hotel Bedding Supplier - Made in ItalyHotel Bedding Supplier - Made in Italy

Italian Quality Bed Linen Manufacturer

Hammerfest is an Italian Quality Hotel Bedding Supplier. As a Hotel Bedding Supplier, Hammerfest produce high Hotel Quality Down Duvets and fiber duvets, 5 star hotel quality Pillows, luxury decorated Cushions, winter and summer Quilts. The items can be realized also on measures and with different weights to suit every environment and climate.
The finest products are filled with luxurious feathers and goose down to make luxury hotel beds more comfortable.

Hammerfest completes the Hotel, B&B and Agritours proposals with a set of Duvet Covers and Sets according to the needs of the costumer.

Processing of high quality Hotel Bedding

To maintain the natural characteristics of feather and down is required the use of special and highly complex technologies. Our quality selection process uses a system of air-jets to sort the downs and feathers by weight and size.

The highest, most luxurious quality reaches a percentage of 97-98% down, the remaining 2-3% is composed of very small feathers which due to their light weight remain mixed with the downs.

Goose Down and Coton for high quality Hotel Bed Linen

One of the most essential characteristics of real goose down is its exceptional ability to regulate body temperature. This is combined with a form of natural humidity control, absorbing excess moisture and wicking it away from the body, then gradually releasing it into the atmosphere as air re-circulates around the feathers.
Something as precious a real goose down needs to be combined with another equally as precious natural material: the coton.

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