Company Hammerfest SRL

Hammerfest SRL produces Duvets and Quilts made of feathers, fibers or cotton – MADE IN ITALY.

Those familiar with the frozen north know that Hammerfest, the most northern town in the world is, situated near the North Cape, just 15° south of the North Pole, to the utmost boundaries of the inhabited world.

città HammerfestThe local inhabitants make a living from the natural resources around them: fishing and farming; then the export of fish and …. of goose down.
 No European country can boast a so spectacular environment, extensive and well preserved like that of Norway. The often wild and harsh aspect of this earth, hides experience unique and indescribable.
 Here people have learned to adapt and live in harmony with their natural environment, this characterizes the unique lifestyle and typical of the people of the North.

At Hammerfest are choosing natural products characteristic of those places – the goose down.

No artificial material or process has the ability to replicate the essential characteristics of goose down, which is why, we still prefer to work with a material provided by mother nature.

The feathers and downs arrive directly from the north and after being carefully washed and then sterilized, they are used as filling in our products.

delicate colours of winter and spring, to the warm reds and yellow’s tones of the midnight sun in the summer, up to the intense blue-green colours of the “Aurora Borealis”. Hammerfest is inspired by them, to develop its products in down. Produced for people like us, who wish sleep in a natural and comfortable manner.

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