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Textilhygienebehandlung für Bettdecken auf Silberbasis

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Iglù Scudo duvet is made with Silver on textile, the anti-microbial hygiene treatment based on silver avoids the checkless multiplication of bacteria on the textile surface. The natural balance of the skin flora is not affected.
Silver-ions effect an elimination of these microorganisms, avoid their further settling on the textile surface and therefore care for hygiene and freshness.
Silver-ions control bacteria by a triple-mechanism:

  • blocking of oxygen-transporting enzymes,
  • deactivation of sulfurious proteins of the bacterium,
  • locking of the cell membrane.

Bacteria are directly controlled on the textile surface by silver ions. By a triple mechanism silver ions prevent the cultivation of adapted bacteria.
It is impossible for bacteria to adjust to all three effective mechanisms in order to develop a resistance to silver.
Permanent treatment: Even after several washing processes with commercially available washing agents silver ions cannot be removed.

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