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The processing of duvets and quilts

The Transformation
To maintain the natural characteristics of feather and down is required the use of special and highly complex technologies. Our quality selection process uses a system of air-jets to sort the downs and feathers by weight and size.
The highest, most luxurious quality reaches a percentage of 97-98% down, the remaining 2-3% is composed of very small feathers which due to their light weight remain mixed with the downs.
The Textiles
The cardinal characteristics of cotton textiles suited to the making of quilted down products, are softness, lightness and above all a structure that is "Down Proof" – impeding the escape of downs and small feathers.
Something as precious as real goose down, needs to be combined with another equally precious natural material – the cotton. Only years of experience can acquire an understanding of the right textiles and materials to be employed in the making of quilted down products.

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