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EiderDowns Duvets - Artide line

The "Artide" line is one of the warmest duvets available. With its special "coffered" construction of internal compartments, the filling remains evenly distributed, with a deepness of 3 cm, even near the stitching.

Into different fillings, textiles, sizes and models available:



Piumino Artide


Fillings available


155 X 200

200 X 200

250 X 200

250 X 220

Series 90 Hungarian
Real goose down (90% downs - 10% small feathers)
Series 100 Hungarian
Real goose down
(100% downs)
Series 100 Siberian
Real goose down (100% downs)
Silvery goose down from Pyrenees
Real silvery goose down
(100% downs)
100% Inlett white Cotton
Biorganic - 100% Inlett organic cotton

Iglù Artide

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